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Suriname is situated on the northeast coast of South America, between Guyana and French Guiana, and is home to about 15 distinct languages. Since it was a colony of The Netherlands until 1975, the official language of Suriname is Dutch. Other languages spoken in Suriname include several Amerindian languages, several Creole languages, Suriname Javanese and Sarnami Hindustani. SIL researchers first came to Suriname in 1968 and worked for more than 30 years doing language and anthropological research, literacy, as well as producing dictionaries, reading books, grammar descriptions, and doing translation. Since 2001, SIL no longer has an official presence in the country. This site makes their research available to anyone who is interested in learning more about these languages.

Materials on this site include interactive html dictionaries which allow you to search for words online, vernacular stories and a pdf bibliography (143Kb) of all of the works SIL published in Suriname.

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